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Environmental Awareness

We are conscious of the world we live in and all aspects of our business are considered with the environment in mind.

When developing new products, we are always mindful of ways to minimize our impact on the environment. Our top selling Wild Pearle jewelry line is made from sustainable abalone shell. This shell is a fortunate byproduct of a strictly managed food fishery in New Zealand. Our Northwoods line of products incorporate wood trimmings and off cuts making use of otherwise discarded materials.

Our new facility was completely renovated in 2013 to make the building more energy efficient. We replaced all windows, and a new more energy efficient HVAC system was installed. All heating and lighting systems were put on timers to reduce energy use. All systems are powered down when the building is vacant except for security systems. We reuse boxes and packing materials whenever possible to reduce waste. All paper, cardboard and plastics that cannot be reused are recycled.

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