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About Us​

A.T. Storrs Ltd. specializes in providing quality jewelry, gifts and souvenirs to the travel retail market across North America.

All our products are attractively packaged, pre-priced at retail and make the perfect gift for your customers to take home. Clients include quality gift stores, zoos & aquariums, airports, National Parks, museums and tourist destinations across The United States and Canada. Our products consistently rank near the top in terms of total sales and dollar volume per square foot with all our major customers.

After 46 years in business, A.T. Storrs Ltd. continues to grow and prosper. Our ongoing success is possible because of the talented people on our team: our dedicated staff, customers, sales associates and suppliers. We have 40 employees based in a 25,000 sq. ft. facility in Vancouver, BC. Our in-house design team, led by Patricia Storrs, constantly introduces new products inspired by the natural world.

Marketing is the keystone to our success… in-house design, dynamite display programs, targeted advertising, gift shows and great customer support. Our team of sales representatives travel the country and provide personalized service to our customers.

Why buy from A.T. Storrs?


Help showcase our products

Attractive Packaging

Makes the perfect take home gift

Customer Service

Dedicated staff to support you

Competitive Pricing

Great value and excellent sell through

Our Top Selling Lines

Wild Pearle – abalone shell jewelry, Medicine Stone jewelry – hand-crafted semi-precious pendants, Jade and Hematite jewelry, Northwoods – hand-crafted wooden giftware, Christmas decorations, and a wide variety of souvenir items. To see more, click below to register for access to our online catalog.